Web based meetings save money

By utilizing virtual presentations in virtual meetings space there is no need for expensive travel.

You can reach the same audience, give the same presentation, and facilitate enhanced interactions with your audience by using Adobe Connect ® and software you already use, like Microsoft's PowerPoint™.

What Does Webtraining Offer?

We offer easy to create and easy to use web based meetings and virtual presentations.
By using Adobe Connect ® we are able to offer on the spot availability for meetings that can support up to 100 attendees. By creating a full event you can schedule a virtual meeting room that will support up to 500 attendees.

Need to reach out?

Easily create and host a virtual meeting space that can reach clients anywhere there is an internet connection. Invite others on the fly. Connect with your co-workers, management, and clients with natively supported Voice over IP (VoiP) communications, screen sharing, virtual presentations, even video chat.

Do you need more data from your web based events?

With an event you can create your own custom registration pages, including the ability to collect custom data. You can analyze your data in real time, as the registrations come in. Registration data is kept indefinitely and is available from our account management page.

We'll even provide you with an easy to use CSV formatted file so that you can take your data anywhere. CSV formatted files are natively supported by all spreadsheet software including Microsoft's Excel. You can even import them into SQL for in depth data analysis.